Campsie South Bowling & Recreation Club

Cnr. Jarrett and Alfred Streets
Clemton Park NSW 2206
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 Telephone:  9787 1099
Fax:  9787 2391
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Trading Hours
Mon - Tues
1pm - 8pm
11am - 9pm
11am - 10pm
11am - 11pm
11am - 9pm
11am - 8pm

Cnr. Jarrett and Alfred Streets
Clemton Park NSW 2206
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Club Trading Hours

Monday - Tuesday
1pm - 8pm

11am - 9pm

11am - 10pm

11am - 11pm

11am - 9pm

11am - 8pm

Contact Us

(02) 9787 1099

(02) 9787 2391

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Board of Directors

P. Byrnes

Secretary Manager & Licensee
L. Shea

B. Robinson

Vice Presidents
S. Middleton & P. Shea

M. Cosgrove & G. Plowright

Director & Bowls Secretary
N. Bouveng

2018 Bowls Program

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DayDateJanuary Events
Sun1Chicken & Prawn Day
Tues3Melbourne Cup Day
Wed4Social Bowls
Fri6Twilight Bowls
Sat7Social Bowls
Sun8Final - Turn Around Triples
Wed11Social Bowls
Fri13Twilight Bowls
Sat14Social Bowls
Sun15Mixed Bowls
Mon16Entry Sheet for Minor Singles
Wed18Social Bowls
Fri20Twilight Bowls
Sat21Social Bowls
Sun22Mixed Bowls
Wed25Social Bowls
Fri27Twilight Bowls
DayDateFebruary Events
Wed1Social Bowls
Fri3Twilight Bowls
Sat4Pennant Trial vs EBP
Sun5Round 12 Club Fours
Wed8Social Bowls
Fri10Twilight Bowls
Sat11Social Bowls
Sun12Round 2 Club Fours
Wed15Social Bowls (sheet up for Club Triples)
Fri17Twilight Bowls
Sat18Social Bowls (pennant Trial 6's at Belfield)
Sun19Round 3 Club Fours (Semi Final)
Wed22Social Bowls
Fri24Twilight Bowls
Sat25Pennant Trials vs Old's Park
Sun26Final Club Fours
DayDateMarch Events
Wed1Social Bowls
Fri3Twilight Bowls (Close Club Triples)
Sat4Social Bowls ( Round 1 Pennants)
Sun5Chicken & Prawn Day (11.00am start)
Wed8Social Bowls
Fri10Twilight Bowls
Sat11Round 2 Pennants
Sun12Round 1 Club Triples
Wed15Social Bowls (Sheet up for Club Pairs)
Fri17Twilight Bowls
Sat18Social Bowls / Round 3 Pennants
Sun19Round 2 Club Triples
Wed22Social Bowls
Fri24Twilight Bowls
Sat25Social Bowls / Round 4 Pennants
Sun26Round 3 Club Triples
Wed29Social Bowls
Fri31Twilight Bowls (Last Night)
DayDateApril Events
Sat1Social Bowls / Round 4 Pennants
Sun2Round 4 Club Triples Final
Wed5Social Bowls vs TAXIS
Sat8Social Bowls / Round 5 Pennants
Sun9Round 1 Club Pairs
Wed12Social Bowls
Fri14Good Friday (Club Closed)
Sat15Social Bowls (Easter Saturday)
Sun16No Bowls
Mon17Lotto Day (Bowls from 11.00am)
Wed19Social Bowls (Sheet up for Major Singles)
Sat22Social Bowls / Round 6 Pennants
Sun23Round 2 Club Pairs
Tue25ANZAC Day Bowls & BBQ
Wed26Social Bowls
Sat29Social Bowls / Round 7 Pennants
Sun30Round 3 Club Pairs (Semi Final)
DayDateMay Events
Wed3Social Bowls / RSL Bowlers
Sat6Social Bowls / Round 8 Pennants
Sun7Final Club Pairs
Wed10Social Bowls / RSL Bowlers (Close Club Majors)
Sat13Social Bowls Round 9 Pennants
Sun14Mothers Day (No Bowls)
Wed17Social Bowls / RSL Bowlers
Sat20Social Bowls / Round 10 Pennants
Sun21Round 1A Club Major Singles (Losers to mark)
Wed24Social Bowls / RSL Bowlers (Sheet up Handicap Pairs)
Sat27Social Bowls / Round 11 Pennants
Sun28Round 2A Club Major Singles (Losers to mark)
Wed31Social Bowls
DayDateJune Events
Sat3Social Bowls
Sun4Round 2 Major Singles
Wed7Social Bowls
Sat10Social Bowls (Creams)
Sun11No Bowls
Mon12Lotto Day Bowls from 11.00am (Queens Birthday)
Wed14Social Bowls
Fri16Close Handicapped Pairs
Sat17Social Bowls (Creams)
Sun18Round 3 Major Singles
Wed21Social Bowls
Sat24Social Bowls (Creams)
Sun25Round 4 Major Singles
Tue27Social Bowls
Wed28Social Bowls
DayDateJuly Events
Sun1stFamily Day (Bare Foot Bowls from 11.00am)
Wed4thSocial Bowls
Sat7thRound 9 Pennants (Home) + Social Bowls
Sun8thRound 1A - Handicapped Pairs
Wed11thSocial Bowls
Thur12thRSL Bowls (50 Bowlers on 6 rinks)
Sat14thRound 10 Pennants (Away) + Social Bowls
Sun15thRound 1B Handicapped Pairs
Wed18thSocial Bowls
Sat21stSocial Bowls + Sheet up for Handicapped Singles
Sun22ndRound 2 Handicapped Pairs
Wed25thSocial Bowls
Sat28thSocial Bowls
Sun29thRound 3 Handicapped Pairs
DayDateAugust Events
Wed1stSocial Bowls
Sat4thSocial Bowls
Sun5thFinal Handicapped Pairs
Wed8thSocial Bowls
Sat11thSocial Bowls
Wed15thSocial Bowls
Sat18thSocial Bowls
Sun19thRound 1A Handicapped Singles
Wed22ndSocial Bowls
Sat25thSocial Bowls
Sun26thRound 1B Handicapped Singles
Wed29thSocial Bowls
DayDateSeptember Events
Sat1stSocial Bowls
Sun2ndFather's Day - No Bowls
Wed5thSocial Bowls
Sat8thSocial Bowls
Sun9thRound 2 Handicapped Singles
Wed12thSocial Bowls
Sat15thSocial Bowls
Sun16thRound 3 Handicapped Singles
Wed19thSocial Bowls
Sat22ndSocial Bowls
Sun23rdAGM (Annual General Meeting)
Wed26thSocial Bowls
Sat29thSocial Bowls
Sun30thNRL Grand Final (Bowls + BBQ)
DayDateOctober Events
Mon1stChicken & Prawn Day (Starts from 11.00am) - PH
Wed3rdSocial Bowls
Fri5thTwilight Bowls
Sat6thSocial Bowls
Sun7thRound 4 Handicapper Singles
Wed10thSocial Bowls
Fri12thTwilight Bowls
Sat13thSocial Bowls
Sun14thSemi-Final Handicapped Singles
Wed17thSocial Bowls
Fri19thTwilight Bowls
Sat20thSocial Bowls
Sun21stFinal Handicapped Singles + Ramsgate v Kingsgrove RSL
Wed24thSocial Bowls
Fri26thTwilight Bowls
Sat27thSocial Bowls
Sun28thRound 1 Turnaround Triples
Wed31stSocial Bowls
DayDateNovember Events
Fri2ndTwilight Bowls
Sat3rdSocial Bowls
Sun4thLotto Day ($25ph - Bare Foot Bowls from 11.00am)
Tues6thMelbourne Cup Day (Bowls + BBQ $10 per head)
Wed7thSocial Bowls
Fri9thTwilight Bowls
Sat10thSocial Bowls
Sun11thRound 2 Turnaround Triples
Wed14thSocial Bowls (Sheet up for Minor Singles)
Fri16thTwilight Bowls
Sat17thSocial Bowls
Sun18thCampsie South BC vs Kingsgrove RSL (9.00am start)
Wed21stSocial Bowls
Fri23rdTwilight Bowls
Sat24thSocial Bowls
Sun25thFinal Turnaround Triples
Wed28thSocial Bowls
Fri30thTwilight Bowls
DayDateDecember Events
Sat1stSocial Bowls
Sun2ndPresident's Presentation Day (creams from 10.30am)
Wed5thSocial Bowls
Fri7thTwilight Bowls (Close Minor Singles)
Sat8thSocial Bowls
Sun9thSocial Bowls
Wed12thSocial Bowls
Fri14thTwilight Bowls
Sat15thSocial Bowls
Sun16thSocial Bowls
Wed19thSocial Bowls
Fri21stTwilight Bowls
Sat22ndSocial Bowls
Sun23rdNo Bowls
Mon24thXmas Eve
Tues25thXmas Day
Wed26thBoxing Day